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About ThaiLanna Home

In 1959 a skilled young carpenter, Mr. Pae Kaewcha, started his own business in Phrae, a small province in Northern Thailand. He bought old teakwooden farm-houses, dismantled them and recycled the teak-wood with which he made new houses, in the same way his father learned him.

His business expanded fast and family members joined him.

In 2004 his daughter Jittrawan took over his business and established ThaiLanna Home Co., Ltd. In the same year she designed the website. A few years later her daughter Natsukhon assisted her mother and now forms together with her the management.

The sales-office is in Chiang Mai, production still as before in Phrae. It was Mrs. Jittrawan who decided to add modern comfort to the houses. As far as we know only ThaiLanna Home delivers complete traditional Thai teak houses in Thailand, including electrical installation with hidden cables, sanitary etc.

We are a committed family business with personal approach and over 60 years of experience in designing and constructing of Traditional Thai houses. We are based in the North of Thailand, the cradle of teakwood. We build our houses throughout Thailand and beyond. All key-positions are being held by the same family, including the architect.


Each house is build by a chief-carpenter together with his wife. With other carpenters they form a group of 8 to 10 skilled workers who make your house from the very first start till finishing.In our well equipped production-facility we build the houses in the same way as hundreds of years ago. Because we use modern machinery, the details of the houses are more accurate than those of the houses build years ago.

Our mission is to preserve the nearly forgotten skill to make these stylish-houses to which we add a touch of modern comfort.

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