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In detail......

A teakwooden house lasts more than a human lifetime, and the value increases year after year! It's a stable and durable investment.

Mae Ping Garden

Because of its golden brown color the world-famous Thai Teakwood is locally called "Mai Sak Tong", latin name "Tectona Grandis". It is the most pest resistant of tropical woods and one of the world's most valuable timbers, recognized for robustness and firmness. It can withstand all types of weather.


All ThaiLanna Home houses are traditionally hand-made.

Inner- and outerwalls, doors and windows, are made of 100% old Golden Teakwood. Teak by nature is resistant to fungi, rot and termites, this because of the oil inside the wood.

Since early 1989 the use of teakwood is restricted in Thailand in order to restore the teakwood forests. All wood used for ThaiLanna Home houses is certified by the Royal Forest Department of Thailand, stating that the wood of your house has been obtained through legal ways from private plantations.

Int Mae Pink

Floors and carrying beams of the structure are made of recycled tropical hardwoods like Mai Deng.
"Mai Deng" is Thai for "red coloured wood", because of it's reddish brown color.
Through the ages Mai Deng is the most used tropical hardwood in Thailand for making floors and carrying beams in houses. The latin name is "Xylia Kerrii Craib & Hutch". The durability of Mai Deng is at the same level as of Golden Teak. It's heavier than water and the hardness is double as that of Golden Teakwood. That's why tropical hardwoods like Mai Deng are eminently suitable for the wooden structure.


structure fr

Tropical hardwood is perfect for the structure but less advisable for the walls because the planks for walls are thinner than beams and therefor will in time crack or bend under influence of the weather. That's why we use for all walls, windows and doors genuine golden teak.

Roof topping options.

Some 90% of the houses we build have "Ayara" roof topping. They are durable, strong (load of up to 180 kg/cm2), impermeable, leak-proof.
Made of SCG portland cement mixed with synthetic fiber and are asbestos-free.
Click ayara to download a brochure in PDF format with full details of these Ayara roof-tiles. Ayara roof-tiles come in many colors and shapes. Example below.

ayara xs

We also can top our houses with wooden shingles on top of a layer of sink-sheets to make the roof leak-proof, because after time the shingles could slightly bend due to influence of climate. This kind of roof-topping is centuries old and in old days used for nearly all Thai wooden houses. They underline the authentic character and charm of these teak wooden houses.
However under the influence of moisture and sunshine wooden shingles can somewhat bend after some time
, but the zinc-sheets prevent leaking. Example below.

wood roof

Also we can top our houses with terra cotta color clay shingles or tiles. Because they are more fragile and heavier than the other 2 options the roof-structure has to be firmer and for bigger houses we use a roof-structure of steel. Example below.

clay roof

Ok, to be fair there is another options: "corrugated roofing sheets", you know, the ones used for stables at farms, industrial buildings and cheap resort bungalows. With pain in our hearts we sometimes see here in Thailand nice wooden houses with those roofing sheets in various colors and shapes. Yes, sure it's a lot cheaper, but has NOTHING to do with the Traditional Thai Architecture. In our view it destroys the beauty of a teakwooden house. So to us it's not an option for premium ThaiLanna Home houses.

The ThaiLanna Home houses shown in this website are just a selection of models we make. As each house is traditionally hand-made, it can be constructed and altered to virtual any size and style you like.

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